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Minor Ailments in Ontario

As of January 1, 2023, pharmacists in Ontario have been authorized to prescribe for certain conditions called "Minor Ailments". These are conditions which are usually short-lived, do not necessarily require lab work to diagnose, and require minimal follow-up.

After a short assessment confirming a patient's self-diagnosis and ruling out any red flag symptoms, a pharmacist can provide prescription medications for certain conditions laid out in the Pharmacy Act.

For more information, visit the Ontario College of Pharmacists website

Treatable Conditions


Below is a list of conditions for which treatment is offered at Queensville Pharmacy virtual care. 

Bladder Infections (UTIs)

Eye infections

Cold Sores


Pharmacists are authorized to prescribe medication for UTIs only for those with female anatomy.

Usually characterized by pain, burning, and frequent need to urinate

Pink eye (bacterial conjunctivitis) or viral conjunctivitis can be characterized by various eye-related symptoms.

Cold sores start with an itching or tingling sensation on the lip. Medications are available to shorten duration or prevent appearance. Prescribing for prophylaxis is also available.

Allergy symptoms


Skin rashes


Allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose, itchy palate and ears can be very annoying.

Pharmacists can prescribe topical therapies for mild acne. Oral medications such as tetracyclines or isotretinoin (Accutane) are not available through this service.

Pharmacists can prescribe for skin rashes from irritants as well as for atopic dermatitis aka eczema.

Yeast Infections

Canker sores

Diaper rash


Pharmacists can recommend or prescribe treatments for vaginal yeast infections.

Painful sores inside the mouth. Various recommendations available to reduce pain, shorten duration, and reduce risk.

Pharmacists can prescribe for diaper rash for anyone who wears diapers, whether or not there is a fungal component. Compounded medications also available.

Acid reflux

Tick Bites - Lyme Prophylaxis

Period cramps


Pharmacists can prescribe more potent treatments to get rid of acid reflux and related symptoms.

Ticks can carry Lyme disease which can be transmitted to humans through bites. If caught in time, pharmacists can prescribe antibiotics to greatly reduce risk of developing Lyme disease

Pharmacists can prescribe therapies to reduce pain from stubborn menstrual cramps.

Morning Sickness

Oral thrush

Muscle Sprains and Strains


Formally known as nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, this condition is not limited to the morning. Pharmacists can prescribe treatments to help.

Characterized by white plaques in the mouth and throat, this condition can be a result of many things, such as steroid inhalers for asthma. Pharmacists can prescribe antifungal treatments to help get rid of this infection

Sprains and strains can really put a damper on things. Pharmacists can help prescribe therapies and recommend products to help the sprain or strain heal faster and reduce pain.


Pharmacists can prescribe topical therapies to help with hemorrhoids.


Sometimes called "school sores", this infection common in young children is characterized by yellow crusts forming around the mouth

Insect Bites

Pharmacists can prescribe therapies to help with itch and pain associated with insect bites and stings.

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