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Pharmacist-Led Virtual Clinic

Rapid access to care for common ailments in Ontario

Finding care can sometimes be difficult - long wait times at busy clinics and distant appointment availability for family doctors can make it hard to access treatment for common conditions.

 Pharmacists in Ontario are qualified to assess and prescribe for 19 common ailments. These conditions are usually short term and not serious, but can still be distressing. We know rapid access to the right care is important to you - that's why we have developed a platform to access our pharmacists virtually, usually with same-day appointments.

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How It Works

Booking an appointment with us is easy. Simply follow the link below and choose the condition for which you would like an assessment. You will be prompted to book a time for your appointment.

During the appointment, one of our qualified pharmacists will ask questions regarding your health and social history as pertinent to your condition. They will then assess your condition to confirm your self-diagnosis and determine whether certain treatments are indicated. Sometimes, your condition may be deemed more serious and you may be referred to your primary care provider or a walk-in clinic for further investigation.

If a prescription is deemed necessary for your condition, the resulting prescription can be sent to a pharmacy of your choice across Ontario to be prepared for you. 

Free for Ontario Residents

Assessments are covered by the Ontario government for those with a valid Ontario health card. Prescription medications will be subject to prices set by your pharmacy of choice and your benefits plan, as applicable.

For those who are not residents of Ontario/those without an Ontario health card, a fee of $40 will apply for the assessment. Prescriptions are only valid within Ontario and will not be sent to out-of-province pharmacies.

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